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The need for digital content these days is real.

Being able to get your content in front of the right audience is critical.

"When I first started shooting freelance I quickly realized most of my clients were using my images to promote their business. The problem was they really didn't know how to use them effectively and most of their "marketing campaigns" consisted of boosted posts on Facebook or Instagram. It was near impossible to determine a return on investment for the money they spent with me. Great images and video weren't enough. I knew there was a need for a more complete package. I knew I could bring more value to the table. This epiphany led me down the path of learning the art & science of digital marketing and began the transformation from Christopher Scott Photography to Christopher Scott Creative as the scope of services offered grew."

"Fast forward to today. The process with my clients is a complete strategy from start to finish. Content is created with specific end goals in mind, using that content specifically to drive traffic, generate new leads and increase sales. And this can all be tracked with analytics. Now I confidently work with my clients knowing that their budget spent with me would put money back into their pocket. That's something I can feel good about and be proud of. That makes the work rewarding."

- Chris

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  • Seamless integration of the content we create into an online marketing campaign.
  • Analytics and ongoing support to make sure the money you spend with us gets the results you want.

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